In India, Navratri is a nine-day festival celebrated across India. However, this festival holds significant importance in Hindu culture and it is believed that during Navratri, the Goddess Durga descends to Earth and blesses her devotees. Indian astrology plays a significant role in the lives of many people, and it is believed that certain events or activities should be performed during specific times to yield positive results. In this article, we will discuss why Navratri is a Profitable Time to Buy  Luxury Homes in Bangalore according to Indian astrology. 

Auspicious Time for Property Purchase According to Indian Astrology 

  • Navratri is considered a propitious time to purchase a home or any other property 
  • The positive energy during Navratri helps in making a wise investment decision 
  • The favourable planetary positions during Navratri help in making a wise investment decision 
  • The favourable plenary positions during Navratri provide additional support for property purchase 
  • Navratri offers a perfect time to finalize property deals, especially for those looking to buy their first home.
  • The favourable positions of Jupiter and Venus during Navratri are particularly conducive to property purchase 

The List of Luxury Homes in Bangalore 

Total Environment offers the most luxurious homes that are eco-friendly and highly customizable to make your living in a healthy environment. Here, we listed the most elegant projects: 

Total Environment Windmills of your mind

Experience your living with earth-sheltered and under-green roof homes project sits on the Whitefield. However, this community is situated on the edge of a small lake and has unmatchable amenities such as a central park, a beautiful earth-sheltered clubhouse, and a lush-green expansive landscape. The price of this beautiful space starts from 7.60 cr.

Total Environment In that Quiet Earth

In North Bangalore, an exclusive community sits off Hennur’s main road. With its iconic infrastructure, the project has a great network with reputed schools, restaurants, malls, hotels, schools, and colleges. Also, this project offers 2,3, and 4 BHK homes to meet a comfortable lifestyle. Discover these beautiful homes at the price of 3.02 cr onwards. 

Total Environment After the Rain

Experience the finest living with earth-sheltered homes and green roofs, this cleverly designed property starts at 7.72 Cr. Although, these spacious duplex homes are an always-on connection with nature which blends with world-class amenities. 

Total Environment Learning to Fly

This incredible project is inspired by a very simple design, which is combined with the perks of an independent home with tons of safety features of urban community livity. However, the project is located at JP Nagar, in the Heart of South Bengaluru. Experience these remarkable homes at the price of  9 Cr onwards. Enhance your living with these signature circular tower houses with amenities of landscaped gardens, and sprinkler and drip-irrigation systems. 

Total Environment: the Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody

Experience a lavish lifestyle with the Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody in the Whitefield, the heart of South Bengaluru. However, these signature earth-sheltered homes with green roofs and a central community park start at 3.02 Cr.  Even so, the project sits at the edge of the small lake with a well-known C20 layout with unique lake-facing L30 three-bedroom apartments blends with open-to-sky gardens. In addition, Tower 8 offers 3-bedroom homes in L20, L22, R25 and duplex D35 configurations. Even, find the terrace on the 27th floor. 

Total Environment The Magic Faraway Tree

The Magic Faraway is the New launch at the Kanakapurea road with an advantage of independent homes with a starting price of 2.69 Cr onwards. The name of the project is taken from an old tree which is nearer to this community. With top-notch amenities, experience the epitome of luxury with privacy and peace in an increasingly stressful world. You can also enjoy the benefits of easy-to-customise space to make it your dream home. 


In conclusion, Navratri is a propitious time to buy luxury homes in Bengaluru. According to Indian astrology, buying real estate property during navratri can bring positive energy and increase opportunities for good deals. Also, the planetary positions during navratri are particularly conducive to real estate investments, and it is believed that buying property during this time can lead to long-term benefits in the long run.


Can Indian Astrology Guarantee success to buy a luxury home in Bangalore during Navratri?

Indian Astrology can provide guidance and support to make wise investment decisions, but cannot guarantee success to buy a luxury home during Navratri’s.

How auspicious are Navratri days for Griha Pravesh?

It is important to perform the Griha Pravesh Puja after buying a luxury home. Navratri is a fortunate occasion that is considered a lucky day to buy luxury in Bangalore.

Which day of the Navratri Week is considered the best day to buy a luxury home in Bengaluru?

All 9 days of Navratri are considered Shubh Muharths to buy any New properties. According to Indian Astrology, investment during these days is long-term beneficial.